List of the Best Literary Magazines for Fantasy

List of the Best Literary Magazines for Fantasy

Do you find yourself cruising through the forest while you’re in front of your PC writing, or maybe cavorting with witches or magical beasts? It seems like fantasy writing might be your thing. That’s perfect: Here’s a comprehensive list of the best literary magazines for fantasy fiction – submit your work here if you are an emerging or established writer.

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Fantasy Magazine

Fantasy Magazine advertises itself as a literary journal that’s focused on magical surrealism – and they like any fantasy stories that have a surreal, strange spin to them. If you like weird fantasy, this is the journal to submit to. Read their guidelines carefully.

Deep Magic Magazine

Deep Magic Magazine is a literary journal devoted to magical fantasy stories; this can extend to sci-fi blended with fantasy. Read their full submission guidelines thoroughly before you submit – and stay away from gore-focused torture work.

Fantasy Scroll Magazine

Fantasy Scroll Magazine is a literary magazine that publishes a variety of genres including science fiction, horror, paranormal work and, of course, fantasy.

Heroic Fantasy Magazine

Heroic Fantasy Magazine is a quarterly literary journal that publishes fantasy with a different aspect: The hero. They are looking for any fiction that focuses on stories of heroism or the hero as a main aspect.

Locus Magazine Online

Locus Magazine is a literary journal with a wide variety of genres they represent. Of course, it includes fantasy, but also includes horror and science fiction – and any combination of the above.


Aueralis is a literary magazine that focuses on publishing the best of science-fiction and fantasy stories; they also publish some interviews. They are based in Australia, though they will accept work from other authors, too.

Spark Anthology

Spark is a creative writing literary journal that focuses on publishing a variety of genres including horror, western and science-fiction – but they also have a strong fantasy presence, and will accept any stories that are blended well with fantasy fiction.

Lightspeed Magazine

Lightspeed Magazine is a literary journal focused on publishing science-fiction and fantasy; they also accept stories that fall somewhere in the middle.

Space and Time Magazine

Space and Time Magazine is a literary journal focused on publishing fantasy and science-fiction, but they also publish horror and more. They also accept poetry submissions. They have an excellent history in the genre, and have been going for 51 years and counting.

Aphelion Webzine

Aphelion Webzine is an online literary journal that publishes stories of fantasy and science-fiction. They are broad on what they’ll accept, and submissions include flash fiction, longer fiction, poetry, novellas and reviews.

On Spec Mag

On Spec Mag is a relatively new literary journal based in Canada; they accept submissions from authors all over the world, and they’re looking for strong fiction focused on fantasy and romance.



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